Click on the "Register now / modify data" button to see the registration overview. You can complete the registration process by selecting "I am already registered for a SWICA service(e.g.invoice app, BENECURA)" in the registration overview.
All persons aged 14 and over with an active SWICA insurance contract.
Your 7-digit insured person number is printed to the right of the chip on your insured person's card. The insured person no. can be entered with or without separating points (e.g. 9.999.999 or 9999999).
You can find the monthly premium on your insurance policy.
Please use the contact form to contact us (add link) or call us free of charge on 0800 80 90 80.
Please use the contact form to contact us (add link) or call us free of charge on 0800 80 90 80.
Your account will be deleted automatically after 90 days.
You can specify this in the settings under "Sending documents". -> Digital and postal
You will receive your premium and benefit statement and your policy electronically.
You can activate "Push message" in the app settings.
Make sure that you can see the entire document in the search field and that it is in focus. Please choose a dark background for contrast.
Make sure you have a good internet connection.
Yes, in the mySWICA customer portal (www.myswica.ch) you can upload the invoices (drag & drop) and submit them.
Yes, multiple invoices can be submitted for each insured person. If you would like to submit invoices for other family members, please start the scan or drag & drop process separately for each person.
Yes, select the family member in question before scanning or dragging and dropping.
Each scanned/submitted invoice is displayed in the event feed. If multiple documents are submitted at one time, only one "Documents submitted" event will be displayed in the event feed, but all the individual documents will be visible in it.
Yes, you can see the status of your submitted invoices in the event feed.The following statuses exist: "Document sent", "Invoice received" and "Benefit statement sent".
No. For security reasons the invoices are encrypted and saved only in the app itself.
Yes, you must be able to produce the original documents upon request.
The app supports iOS (Versions 10 to 12) and Android (Versions 6 to 9). The portal supports Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
mySWICA is intended exclusively for use in Switzerland. The use of mySWICA via foreign mobile networks or internet connections is at the user’s risk. In this context, SWICA explicitly points out that use of mySWICA abroad can be subject to the law of the country in which the customer is located at the time. SWICA has no influence on this and therefore advises against using mySWICA outside Switzerland. Furthermore, no guarantee is offered that it will be possible to access the information and services provided by mySWICA outside Switzerland.
Internet access is always required to use the app.